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Where we got our start…

“My father was diagnosed with a number of medical issues causing him to go on dialysis. At first, he had a catheter placed in his chest which required him to take off his shirt for treatment. He asked if I could place an access hole, similar to a button-hole, in his shirt. The lab techs were impressed but suggested something a bit larger, so they could clean his catheter site. So the zipper access was created. You could not believe the comments and requests for similar comfortable patient clothing products. As Dad got healthier he had an upper right arm fistula because his left arm was damaged vein-wise. So the shirt was altered for his needs and again the requests for similar items were made.”

Our Pledge

Hemowear, LLC was created out of a desire to produce a clothing line that would help people with medical needs. This line of clothing will enable those who are on dialysis, and / or chemotherapy to feel confident and comfortable while receiving medical treatment. Our dialysis clothing is customized for easy access to port sites, permanent catheter and AV fistulas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver customized clothing for dialysis patients that meet the unique needs of each customer and offering the most appealing and widely-desired casual wear with the customers’ medical needs in mind.


Shop Mens

Find comfortable men’s wear items that provide easy access to your dialysis port right here. Browse everything from dual chest zippers on hoodies and t-shirts as well as sweatpants with zippered thigh and calf outlets.

Shop Ladies

Looking for clothing that doesn’t cover your form, but still allows for comfort and easy access for your dialysis and chemo treatments? Even select the location you’d like the access point installed in your clothing article.

Peritoneal Belts

Protect yourself from peritonitis during your dialysis and chemotherapy treatments. Our PD belts were developed by a prior peritoneal dialysis patient to really work. Invest in a totally perfected design for your treatments here.