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For dialysis patients

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Find comfortable men’s wear items that provide easy access to your dialysis port right here. Browse everything from dual chest zippers on hoodies and t-shirts as well as sweatpants with zippered thigh and calf outlets.

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Looking for clothing that doesn’t cover your form, but still allows for comfort and easy access for your dialysis and chemo treatments? Even select the location you’d like the access point installed in your clothing article.

Peritoneal Belts

Protect yourself from peritonitis during your dialysis and chemotherapy treatments. Our PD belts were developed by a prior peritoneal dialysis patient to really work. Invest in a totally perfected design for your treatments here.

Sit in style, comfort, warmth, and dignity with each of our beautifully customized products

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Family Owned and Operated

Preparing for a complicated health treatment is beyond difficult. Organizing a ride, time off from work, and even a potential babysitter is all quite enough. The aftermath of any one of those treatments is almost never “easy-breezy.” So, there’s no reason that your clothing should provide any more hassle for you. Access articles of clothing that cater to comfortable treatments for your medical needs.

Our dialysis clothing allows for comfort, structure and the opportunity to select where the zippered opening in your shirt, hoodie or pants s installed for a more convenient way to receive your treatments.  

"This is the best medical specific clothing i have ever worn. Bought these before my procedure for the convenience, they made the whole process easier."

Dave Schucell

Our Purpose

Our founder’s father was diagnosed with a number of medical issues and causing him to go on dialysis. She learned, first-hand, how difficult pursuing dialysis treatments were. How taxing it is to adjust your clothing to allow access to the opening and how much more unpleasant it makes these treatments. Through witnessing the discomfort associated with the issue, the first piece of hemowear clothing was created. Shop the finished product made just for your convenience today.


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